Photo Kan Hayashi

林 幹




KAN Hayashi

 I first encountered Taiko in my childhood. After firstly joining the choir, I learned Japanese Taiko, drums, and percussion for about 10 years. I participated in many overseas and domestic performances as parts of different groups during this period. During my time at University, I started to take Taiko more seriously as a career, and started to visit different provincial towns and cities around Japan to learn different local arts and folk entertainments. I started working on the production of various live events, while performing and holding workshops at different places including nurseries, elementary schools, and other educational institutions. Concurrently, I held live events at clubs and music venues, collaborating with saxophonists, African drummers, pianists, dancers, DJs, tap dancers, rappers, and more. To this day, I collaborate with a wide range of musicians from different musical backgrounds and genres.

 Currently, while continuing to work on both solo and collaborative performances, I am also working hard on the production of my own music. In August 2010, I released my first solo album “molecule”. In the summer of 2012, I launched and performed as a leader for the project “sixthsense”, a rhythm group with changing and unspecified performers and genres. At the same time, I started the project “uneri” alongside Tomofumi Tagawa, a series of performances where the two of us perform using a single O-daiko. I also contributed to the soundtrack for the “NHK Special Kyoto Imperial Park” broadcasted on New Year’s Day in 2015. In 2016, I participated in the formation of the percussion trio “TRIPLEBOZE”, produced by Takuro Konno. My work varies widely between teaching, studio work, performing, and other activities.

(Photo By Kenji Nishida)


Photo Tomofumi Tagawa

田川 智文


また東京打撃団の一員として、東映映画『どろろ』に一部出演、『MIHARA YASUHIRO』のパリコレクションでの大太鼓演奏、2009年・2010年・2011年・2014年とEXILE関連のLIVE TOURに同行する等、様々なシーンで活躍中。演奏の他、和太鼓演奏の技術指導や楽曲提供も行っており、太鼓の里『響和館』・Studio『邦楽アカデミー』にて講師を務め、幼稚園・小学校・高等学校で授業も持っている。


Tomofumi Tagawa

 I was born in Hiroshima prefecture, and started Taiko drums at the age of 10, After joining the local Taiko club “Misuzugaoka Kijo Taiko” and the Taiko group “Taiko Honpo Kaburaya”, I moved to Tokyo in 2002 to join the Taiko music group “Tokyo Dageki Dan”. As part of “Tokyo Dageki Dan”, I have been involved in cultural exchange projects in 14 countries internationally, while participating in many performances both publically and at various schools within Japan.

 As part of “Tokyo Dageki Dan”, I participated in a wide range of activities, including an appearance in the Toei movie “dororo”, an O-daiko performance at the Paris Fashion Week for MIHARA YASUHIRO, and participation in live tours related to the music group EXILE in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2014. In addition to live performances, I also provide technical guidance to Taiko drummers, provide my own musical compositions, teach lessons at various places including Taiko no Sato “Kyowakan”, the studio “Japanese Music Academy”, as well as various kindergartens, elementary schools and high schools.

(Photo By Kenji Nishida)